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machining center


In the summer of 2009, a MTRent machining center was purchased to rework the waterjet cut blanks in the house. Milling, fits, threads and surface treatment are carried out by us so that the product reaches the customer as completely as possible.


Technical specifications:


Travels: x 1100mm y 610mm z 610mm

Spindle: 10000 rpm
Tool magazine 30 pcs


Norte VM 2.4


In 2012, another machining center was acquired

Make Norte VM 2.4


Technical specifications:


Travels: x 2000mm y 635mm z 635mm

4th axis 360 °

Spindle: 6000 1 / min

Furthermore, the center is equipped with 2 work tables, one of which has a clamping surface of 1000mm x 1000mm, this can be rotated and indexed by 180 °.

Tool magazine 40 pcs




machining center


In order to ensure the steadily increasing demand and quality in the future, in 2016 we invested in another MTRent processing center .


Technical specifications:


Travels: x 1300mm y 610mm z 610mm

Tool magazine 30 pcs

Spindle: 12000 1 / min




In order to react more quickly to customer requests and deadlines, we bought a cycle lathe in 2016

Rotary diameter 500mm length 2000mm

6-fold revolver

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